Point of Sale (POS) Software Packages List for UK & Ireland by AdMax

Details of shops, businesses that sell, develop and market computer software for point of sale (POS, EPOS) are listed in pages linked to by the headings below.  Why not visit the related sections in AdMax listed below and the Web Links?

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Retail-Man - Point of Sale (POS) Software for Small Businesses
Retail-Man is a low cost easy to use program that is ideal for small
shops + retail outlets.  Download a free full function 30 day trial. 
International UK

POS @ccounts  - Branded Point of Software
POS @ccounts is the flexible POS & Inventory program that can be
customised to meet the needs of resellers in most countries.
International UK

Ezi Forum
Forums for discussion, support, assistance, knowledge share
of point of sale (POS) software packages.
International UK

Ezi Sales
Secure web site for the purchase of Retail-Man and Ezi Accounting
Buy POS and accounting software using credit or charge cards.
International UK


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